You talkin’ to me? Maybe, but then again, perhaps not? So, we’ll make sure your intended audience hears you by scrutinizing your content (video, images, and copy) for authenticity, tone, and cultural relevance. Guess what? Monkeys, nooses, and stereotypes could sink your brand.


First off, we’re professionals. We don’t miss deadlines. Secondly, we’re flush with clickable ideas. We do traditional journalism, or we can develop and create branded content. We’re ready to crush topics ranging from travel to career, politics, real estate, business, and health and wellness stories. And you stay relevant because we’ll pitch –

  1. Trendy and topical news and feature stories.
  2. Create polished editorial content.
  3. Submit investigative, well-researched, reported pieces that engage readers.


We’ve got a couple of decades worth of writing and editing experience between us. That experience covers the digital landscape, magazines, and several newsrooms; we expertly curate and shape quality, high-performing content. In addition to our team, we’re associated with a myriad of talented writers ready to write, edit, and create content for an existing or new website. Blogs, non-fiction content, newsletters, apps, press releases, and any of your other needs are a walk in the park. In other words, we can write our asses off.


We’ve successfully developed and executed content strategies for many industries and mediums. From news to lifestyle to entertainment and tech, we have the skills to attract and retain customers, sell brands, and make a lasting impression. If you currently have a blog or aspire to begin one for your company, we’ll create a tailored strategy that meets— and exceeds your goals — editorially and socially.

  1. We develop your editorial strategy from the ground up.
  2. Create editorial calendars for your websites, apps, and print outlets.
  3. We craft your brand and mission statement with specific language tailored to excite and elicit a positive response.
  4. We’ll show you how to use blogs and other social media to grow awareness, traffic, and enhance your story.


We know. There’s an art to this. Social media is the boogie man in the room. Say the right thing, and you’re a star. Say the wrong thing, and it could take years for your brand to regain its footing – especially in communities of color. You need someone who understands this and is adept at communicating a clear, authentic message to your audience.

  1. Create a comprehensive social media strategy.
  2. Plan paid sponsored content.
  3. Write innovative content for social media platforms designed to engage the widest audience possible.
  4. And, we make damn sure you don’t stick your foot in your mouth.


Our team brings nearly a decade of experience in advertising, presentation design, graphic design, pitch decks, print, digital, competitor research, infographics, and more. We’re able to jump into a project headfirst and quickly turn it around while keeping cool under pressure. We have experience working with every department in an agency from the assistant level up to C-level executives.